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EditorAbout Me

Even if I weren't a professional photographer, I'd still carry a camera around with me. As a kid, I remember running through the house with my dad's camera, framing our dog Rusty, the back porch, the light hanging over the stairs. It didn't matter that the camera wasn't loaded; I just liked seeing the world through a lens. Somehow, it felt right.

I graduated from the University of Utah an eon or two ago as the first photography student to receive a continuing scholarship in the art department. I wasn't planning to study photography, but when I saw my first print emerge in the darkroom, I knew my life wouldn't be the same.  

Since then I've photographed people, a full spectrum of products and things in my studio and on location, and places – from the crags of northern Canada to Paris cafés. My mission is to convey an extraordinary visual narrative. Each day is fresh and new projects provide a chance to meet people and photograph their world for them.    

As photographers go, I'm easy to work with. I listen and I make clients comfortable. I don't have an attitude, I don't wear big black boots and my motivation comes from having extremely happy clients. Bottom line: I contribute to others' success through the creation of outstanding imagery. 

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